Vins Siebert

Floral Art and Winetasting

Discover a unique activity at Domaine Siebert

© David Levêque

Flowers & wine, what a great combination of good things for a unique moment at Domaine Siebert in Wolxheim!
First you will be initiated to the creation of a flower arrangement by our partner Floralia Heuber, which will be followed by a tasting of three wines.

« La fleur est courte, mais la joie qu’elle a donnée une minute
N’est pas de ces choses qui ont commencement ou fin »
Paul Claudel, poète français.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday 14 October 2023 from 10am to 12pm
  • Saturday 9 March 2024 from 10am to 12pm

By reservation only, limited number of participants.

To make a reservation, please contact: Domaine Siebert or Floralia Heuber