The “Propriété du Moulin” exists since the 12th century (writings from 1192 can attest it). Back then it belonged to the Benedictine monks of Altorf and was used as a flour-milling mill.

The winery was created in 1824 by Marcel Siebert, Bruno’s great-grandfather. He was the first to claim the Grand Cru in Alsace with the Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxheim.

In 1914, the property lost its milling contingent during the Great War. Therefore, the Siebert family to prioritized the development of the 4-hectares vineyard.

Bruno’s parents continued to develop the vineyard and a cockerel farm.

While Bruno’s older brother, Jean-Bernard, was in charge of the vineyard and the winery, Bruno has developed the poultry business.

In 2017, Bruno and his wife took over the family estate with a surface of 8 hectares.

Today, Bruno entrusts the management of his winery to Estelle, oenologist and manager since 2021.